Review: Pentax 645Z by Dylan and Sara

Review: Pentax 645Z by Dylan and Sara


Editor’s Note: this review was syndicated from photographer duo Dylan and Sara with permission. All images and text are theirs.

The last week was spent shooting a few thousand frames through the Pentax 645z. This is Pentax’s new somewhat-affordable medium format system. We wanted to take a real world approach to how we would shoot the camera, so this review will be less technical and more about…

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How to Get Sharper Focus When Shooting Landscapes

How to Get Sharper Focus When Shooting Landscapes


Shooting landscapes can be tougher than you really think. Shoot at f22, and everything will be in focus but you’ll also have lots of diffraction. Shoot at a spot more wide open and not everything will be in focus at all. So what’s the best way to do it?

According to Professional Photography Tips on YouTube, a great starting point is to use Live View on your tripod mounted camera, then focus out…

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These Guys Want to Make 4x5 Cameras Affordable

These Guys Want to Make 4×5 Cameras Affordable

The Affordable 4x5 camera

The larger the format is that you’re working with, the more time it will surely take you to get a single image due to all the work that goes into it. And while large format cameras can be expensive, a duo from Europe are Kickstarting a more affordable camera. It’s called the Intrepid 4×5 camera, and it promises to be a light weight camera made from birch ply wood.

The Intrepid will take 75-300mm…

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Sony Reportedly Showing off an A99 Successor with 8K video

Sony Reportedly Showing off an A99 Successor with 8K video


After Sony introduces 4K video recording in the A7s (with external recorder), Sony Alpha Rumors claims that the company is working on an 8K camera. Sony purportedly brought an 8K camera prototype to the BBC headquarters. A source at the event claimed the unit looked similar to the Sony A99full frame DSLR with a vertical grip. Sony also supposedly said this 8K camera could come to market as soon…

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Why Professional Photographers Actually Shoot Less

Why Professional Photographers Actually Shoot Less

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials for th Strobist Street Photographer (2 of 9)ISO 1001-200 sec at f - 3.5

“I want to be a pro.”

Don’t pretend like that thought hasn’t come across your mind at all. Many of us as photographers have always wanted to go pro. It’s in gear marketing, it’s part of the aspirations of many in the photo community, and it’s ingrained in so many tutorials that are all across the web. So what does being a pro mean? Being a professional photographer means that the large majority…

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The Importance of Having Photographers as Friends

The Importance of Having Photographers as Friends

julius motal the phoblographer photographers friends

Depending on your approach, photography can be a communal experience or a loner’s art. When you’re in the early days of your practice, there’s a chance you might show your work to close friends, and they’ll most likely encourage you in your pursuit. If they’re not photographers, their encouragement will in many ways be superficial, and while the good remarks may feel good, they’re not…

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How to Use Macro Close Up Filters

If you don’t own a Macro lens, one option that is often more affordable and can do somewhat of the same job are…